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>>>Proven to Be a Better Choice
The 501 Alliance is the leading group-reimbursing organization in Michigan. We provide unemployment services to hundreds of nonprofit agencies in the state. We’re also the only group-reimbursing organization endorsed by the Michigan Nonprofit Association.

>>>Proven to Save Money
Members of The 501 Alliance realize a large tax savings, which allows them to allocate more money into the services they’re providing. On a year to year basis, the state’s average tax rate has been from 15% to 147% higher than our member’s average tax rate since we’ve been keeping records.

>>>Proven to Save Time
The 501 Alliance processes and files all unemployment related paperwork on behalf of our members, along with scheduling and securing representation for unemployment hearings. This provides our members with more time to concentrate on the day-to-day activities of their organization.

>>>Proven Nonprofit Expertise
For more than 45 years, The 501 Alliance has provided unemployment services to nonprofit organizations throughout the state. We’re even a nonprofit organization, just like all of our members. The agencies we represent appreciate our understanding and awareness of the unique challenges they face.

>>>Prove it to Yourself
By becoming a member, we’ll lower your unemployment costs and increase your time to focus on the needs of your community too.