>>>Membership Can Also be Rewarding!
As a member, your agency is already aware of the significant tax savings and benefits you receive through The 501 Alliance versus the Unemployment Insurance Agency. Now, your agency can also be rewarded through the Member Referral Program.

>>>What is the Member Referral Program?
The Member Referral Program provides charitable donations to your agency for referring prospective members, without any stipulations on how you can use the money. You could reward an employee for a job well done or treat the office to lunch; the choice is yours!

>>>How is an Agency Rewarded Through the Member Referral Program?
The 501 Alliance gives your agency a $50 charitable donation for every prospective member you refer who completes and submits an application for membership.

An additional $150 charitable donation is given to your agency for every prospective member who also qualifies and is approved for membership.That’s up to $200 your agency can receive for each prospective member referred to The 501 Alliance.

There’s also no limit to the number of prospective members you can refer. For example, refer just five potential members and your agency will receive at least $250 and up to $1,000.

>>>How does our Agency Refer Prospective Members to The 501 Alliance?
Have prospective members contact us at 800-968-9675 and request a membership application or tell them to visit our web site to download a membership application. It’s that easy!

>>>How do you know our Agency has Referred a Prospective Member?
The prospective member simply needs to include the name, contact and phone number of your agency on the membership application and we’ll do the rest.

>>>How does our Agency Receive the Charitable Donations?
Once we receive a completed application, we’ll send your agency a check for $50 if you are the referring agency. We’ll send your agency an additional check for $150, if the prospective member also qualifies and is approved for membership. You can also contact us at any time to inquire about the status of any nonprofit agency you’ve referred for membership in The 501 Alliance.

>>>Are there any Resources Available to Help our Agency Recruit Prospective Members?
Contact us at 800-968-9675 and we’ll send you a supply of brochures for any upcoming events or meetings. In addition, The 501 Alliance Administrator is available to make presentations and provide information on the benefits of membership to interested parties.

>>>How are Prospective Members Approved for Membership in The 501 Alliance?
The Membership Committee reviews all applications submitted and provides a recommendation to the Board of Directors to either approve or deny the request for membership.

>>>Have Additional Questions About the Member Referral Program?
Please use our contact form.