Training Courses

Our claims management company, Equifax Workforce Solutions, offers training courses on the following topics; the unemployment process, hearing preparation and the CaseBuilder web-based application to respond to claims for unemployment benefits.

These virtual courses are available at no cost to members of The 501 Alliance.  Some courses are available on-demand and others are live.

Identifying Your Firsthand Witness (New!)
This video covers the difference between firsthand witness testimony and hearsay. We will cover how to identify the proper witnesses for your hearing, as well as how to distinguish between the two types of testimonies. (12 min) Register here

Understanding UI Integrity (New!)
Have you heard of UI Integrity but don’t know much about it? This session will define UI Integrity and review its role in unemployment. We’ll also discuss adequate and timely responses and how you can track your company’s UI Integrity compliance. (12 min)  Register here

Reports 101
This session introduces users to the Report application; a simple way to access your unemployment program data in one complete snapshot. If you are new to the application or want to develop your skills in unemployment reporting, then this session is for you! This course is scheduled for one hour to include Q&A at the end.  Register here.

Reports Application
This training includes short on-demand videos of each report and walks you through each report, demonstrating how to navigate, filter, and understand Key Performance Indicators.

Click here to access the user guide
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Introduction to Unemployment
Have you ever wondered how someone earns unemployment benefits after being separated from their job? This session provides an overview of the unemployment process. We will review UI Integrity and compliance, how a claim is filed and a brief overview of how finances are determined. This session is scheduled for 30 minutes to include Q&A at the end. Register here.

Unemployment 101
This training is for both reimbursing and merit-rated employers. It provides an overview of the entire unemployment process. This is an on-demand session only.

Recorded Session: Click here to access

Introduction to Hearings
Have you ever wondered why hearings happen and where they fall in the life cycle of an unemployment claim? This session provides an overview of the hearing process, who attends and best practices to prepare for a hearing if you’re ever called to attend one. This session is scheduled for 30 minutes to include Q&A at the end.  Register here.

Hearings 101
This training is the on-demand version of our live session. This training covers the entire unemployment hearing process from reading and responding to a hearing notice to preparing for an effective testimony. 

Recorded Session: Click here to access

CaseBuilder 101
This session provides an in-depth demonstration of settings and features in CaseBuilder, our web-based solution that allows you to respond to your unemployment claims in a fast, secure environment.  This session is scheduled for one hour to include Q&A at the end. 

Recorded Session: Click here to access

Advanced CaseBuilder
This session provides an even closer look at the CaseBuilder solution with case studies and a UI Integrity deep dive. 

Recorded Session: Click here to access

CaseBuilder User Roles
This session reviews the different CaseBuilder user roles and their capabilities. 

Recorded Session: Click here to access

The Life of a Claim & Determining Liability
Want to walk through the entire life of a claim and see the outcome? This session follows a claimant and their claim from filing to the final decision. We will discuss how a claim is established, the steps that the state takes when verifying eligibility and how benefits are determined. Register here.

Performance Discharge:  Misconduct vs. Inability
Have you ever wondered about the difference between an employee being let go for misconduct versus inability? This session will define both terms and explain why knowing the difference is important. We’ll also review separation scenarios and give attendees a chance to guess whether it is misconduct or inability.  Register here.

Understanding Imposter Claims
This training will explain the difference between an imposter claim and a fraudulent claim. It will also provide more details on how to handle imposter claims, as well as resources. 

Recorded Session: Click here to access